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Scheduled Digression 2: (How) The Youth Are Listening

September 26, 2020

Two brothers united in path dependency against country music, not united enough to collaborate on a family streaming plan.  They like music as much as anyone, but not so much as to appreciate their parents’ unique tastes.  A fraternal house divided, one prefers classic rock; the other, hip-hop.  The answer to the question:  “Is the album doomed?” may surprise you.  They are used to instantaneous, 24/7 access that allows them to share music they like without having to buy the record, a stereo, or even going home to their PC to download or stream it.  The pluralize “vinyl,” while music doesn’t have “a” beat but needs to have beats to be enjoyable.  They are exotic creatures indeed, but can they be trusted with the future, especially something so vital as the future of music?  Tune in to this very special OoO Scheduled Digression to find out!

Structure:  Jonathan (0:00)  Vincent (30:00)