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Obscurity Quiz: Female Vocalist Hard Rock

July 9, 2022

Welcome back idiotprogrammer, Robert Nagle, to OoO’s longstanding mini-feature.  


In it, he mentions an article from 2000 by Courtney Love and follows up, “https://www.salon.com/2000/06/14/love_7/ Courtney Loe  wrote this long screed in 2000! 

Re-reading it, I see that her take was on the mark. I'm in the publishing business and face some of the same issues (sort of). 

A lot of older authors have a hard time getting their rights back  (It's called rights reversion), but there is a process for doing so. The labels grabbed a bit too much in the 1990s especially before digital sales was a significant chunk of their sales. But it all depends on your contract; if musicians got legal representation, they could know these things in advance, but labels signed people very quickly in the 1990s without musicians getting legal advice.  labels used to be  a little too controlling of the small number of ubercelebrities they signed on.”