Out of Obscurity

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Obscurity Quiz 1 with Dean, DuballA

September 26, 2020

The Obscurity Quiz - It’s not a pop quiz because you knew it was coming, and there’s no pop on OoO!   


This should be a regular mini-feature of official, two-pick episodes, intended to give our listening audience an interactive challenge and let you play along with our co-host “contestants” for absolutely no fabulous prizes.  The quiz here is the same for both halves, but Dean has quite a lot more to say about and against DJ Poseur’s methodology.  Made the mistake of recording this first, before any episodes, and Dean probably assumed that DJ Poseur would be forcing his agenda this forcefully, without being open to Dean’s input or dissent, for the entirety of OoO, rather than just this mini-feature in which there’s a clear subordination between quiz host and contestant.


Structure:  w/ Dean (10:47).  Five non-obscure albums (12:10). Dean disputes the quantifiability of obscurity & use of AMG (19:12).  Dean’s definition of an obscure album (comparing Starlight Mints, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and The Dandy Warhols) (22:35)  Conclusion:  Dean didn’t like the quiz (25:51)