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EKR2: Grand Drive “True Love & High Adventure” & T.W. Walsh “Songs of Pain & Leisure”

December 1, 2020

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GD RIYL:  Jayhawks, Golden Smog, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Radar Bros., Calexico, Devendra Banhart, Mercury Rev

TWW RIYL:  Pedro the Lion, M.Ward, Built to Spill, Radar Bros., Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr.?

D&tCotW RIYL:  Dylan, Springsteen

Episode structure:  “True Love & High Adventure” until (27:00).  Consideration of Alt. Country & genre until (31:29), then switching to “Americana” and Danny & the Champions of the World until (38:10).  Nick Lowe as an Americana musician until (41:10).  Former bands (i.e. Pedro the Lion) & solo work until (41:40).  “Songs of Pain & Leisure” & “Blue Laws” quoting Scaruffi.com at (42:45) DJ Keep Roomie’s tastes (51:08)  RIYLS take big swings & misses (52:10) Austin City Limits, M. Ward, Dan Bern (from 55:20)