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EI4: Doleful Lions “Out Like a Lamb” ; Savath & Savalas “Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey”

April 4, 2022

OoO did not intend to take a three-month hiatus, but we’re glad to be back with idiotprogrammer, Robert Nagle.


DJ Poseur claims that DL is the best rock band to have its whole discography on Bandcamp on a “name your price” basis:  https://dolefullions.bandcamp.com/

Find S&S’s debut on Discogs:  https://www.discogs.com/master/107485-SavathSavalas-Folk-Songs-For-Trains-Trees-And-Honey 


STRUCTURE:  War in Europe for Ukrainian & Russian Music (to 9:25) Doleful Lions “Out Like a Lamb” (9:25-16:00) Other critics & genre, Lazarus as a song premise (16:00-24:00)  Being tame —> longevity? Bandcamp’s future in licensing.  Downsides of consistency (24:00-27:52) Doleful Lions “Look Homeward Angel Numbers,” Ratings, RIYLs (27:52-31:17)  Comparison of very different album picks & Robert’s thoughts on Savath & Savalas, how excited to be about mellow music (31:17-44:08) Savath & Savalas “Folk Songs for Trees, Trains and Honey” electronic music around the turn of the 21st century (44:08-48:45) AMG & Pitchfork on S&S & what ambient is and is not, elderly electronic listeners, live music & instrumental music, unpredictability in repetitive musical styles (48:45-1:00:30) What we listened to that our parents couldn’t stand, DJ Poseur goes racist to describe styles of music he doesn’t like in misinterpretation of a question about Thai musical tastes, Trip-hop & downtempo versus jazz & lounge music, RIYLs (1:00:30-1:06:25) Rating S&S (1:06:25 to conclusion).


In the Ukraine war intro, Robert does a great job with examples of how musicians on all sides are responding.  UKRAINIAN MUSIC FOREVER!! Robert's "Ukraine Pop Music is Cool" Playlist on Spotify. https://spoti.fi/3MnVNTn Also a Youtube playlist: https://bit.ly/3vMpeIL   As always, check out his blog for more media.  http://www.imaginaryplanet.net/weblogs/idiotprogrammer/

 We also mention “Russian folk singers with a message” such as Alexander Rozenbaum.


Album reviews for “Out Like a Lamb”:  https://chicagoreader.com/music/local-indie-rockers-doleful-lions-have-long-been-overlooked-but-theyve-never-lost-their-spark/ , https://chicagoreader.com/music/local-indie-rockers-doleful-lions-have-long-been-overlooked-but-theyve-never-lost-their-spark/ .  AMG thinks very highly of them but hasn’t updated their discography https://www.allmusic.com/artist/doleful-lions-mn0000141712 .  Two others get the Pitchfork treatment https://pitchfork.com/artists/1261-doleful-lions/ . 


DJ Poseur can’t take psychedelic folk rock revivalism very seriously due to Spinal Tap’s “Listen to the Flower People 


“Out Like a Lamb” is RIYL:   The Beatles, The Beach Boys, His Name Is Alive, "Kumbaya", Junip/Jose Gonzalez, Simon & Garfunkel, Mamas and the Papas, Paul Simon, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Papas Fritas.

“Look Homeward Angel Numbers” is RIYL:  The Faint, Caesars, Many Birthdays, Dandy Warhols, Gentlemen

DJ Poseur owns most of and recommends the entirety of the Hefty Records catalog for fans of instrumental, post-rock, experimental but still accessible downtempo electronica https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hefty_Records . 


The cohost and DJ Poseur disagree on whether DL would be RIYL or overall sounds similar to Of Montreal for their psychedelic chameleon rock discographies that vary over decades from the 1990s to the 2020s.


“Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey” is RIYL:  Bonobo, Boards of Canada, Thievery Corporation (& full stable of ESL Music in Washington D.C. = Eighteenth Street Lounge Music), DJ Farina’s “Mushroom Jazz”.

The rest of S&S’s discography is RIYL:  Devendra Banhart, Junip/Jose Gonzalez, Cass McCombs


A very old Pitchfork review of it:  https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/7007-folk-songs-for-trains-trees-and-honey/ 


Robert’s favorite mellow music comes from Polly Scattergood & Goldfrapp, both comparable in his view to Stevie Nicks.  Also

Australian singer Princess Chelsea .