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EI1: Many Birthdays “Black Mountain Blue Sea” & 13 Year Cicada “00YES” & “Totem Tongue”

June 13, 2021

Purchase our album picks on Bandcamp https://manybirthdays.bandcamp.com/album/black-mountain-blue-sea    https://13yearcicadas.bandcamp.com/  

or eMusic https://www.emusic.com/artist/rs_3624495/13-Year-Cicada 


Structure:  The first album pick is an EP and the second is more of a comparison of two albums.  (1:10) Robert’s discovery of & history appreciating Many Birthdays & IUMA music hosting site (5:20) turning Japanese and then less so over their discography (12:24) RIYLs (w/ whom would we “lump” MB?)  (17:20) “Black Mountain Blue Sea” EP thoughts (20:42) Robert’s thoughts on Austin, TX  (23:40) alternative explanations for MB’s obscurity:  the importance of record label support & full albums  (30:35) MB’s many genres and individual songs from the EP, comparisons to Mitchell Froom (35:37) MB’s music videos in comparison to 13 Year Cicada  (41:20) Album ratings for “Black Mountain Blue Sea” & Robert’s thoughts on music reviews and “interesting failures”  (48:38) transitioning to 13 Year Cicada with similarities between the groups  (50:50) 13 Year Cicada’s “00YES” introduction & Robert’s introduction of the band (53:17) RIYLs & reaching for similar sounds to 13 Year Cicada, Robert compares to previous album “Totem Tongue” (57:05) Critics didn’t get the album, “Ride” compared to The Shaggs, other individual tracks from “00YES” (1:01:26) Who is the audience for this audience?  Lyrics to “Squirrel”, video for the new track “What Will You Be Wearing?”, thoughts on individual songs with that song as a bridge between the quiet and loud of their two albums. (1:11:06) Why DJ Poseur prefers “Totem Tongue” & Robert’s preference for “00YES” friendly disagreement, their other music videos (1:13:52) Rating the two albums by 13 Year Cicada


Many Birthdays RIYL:  The Kills, Asobi Seksu, Deerhoof, Trans Am, Sonic Youth, Parts & Labor, IQU, the soundtrack to "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" for SNES, Love Psychedelico, Takako Minekawa & J-Rock generally


13 Year Cicada RIYL:  Pharmakon, Shilpa Ray, The Low Budgets, experimental punk w/ fem. vocals, Animal Collective


My favorite MB music video (for “Days Like Turtles”):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGxrhFljxF0    and one I call lo-fi Cyriak, “Minnawa”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xlt5CEZ9J8  


A great, new music video for 13 Year Cicada’s “What Will You Be Wearing”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HCuzpYB7-E 


Media on MB:  https://www.sonicbids.com/band/manybirthdays/  ;   https://www.facebook.com/manybirthdays 


Media reviews of “00Yes”:  Fuze Magazine (Germany)  https://www.ox-fanzine.de/review/13-year-cicada-00yes-117164 ;  https://www.ox-fanzine.de/review/13-year-cicada-00yes-117164


Other media we mention:  IUMA





Mitchell Froom -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitchell_Froom


Gram Rabbit     https://gramrabbit.bandcamp.com/ (ok, maybe this connection is tenuous is best, but Gram Rabbit straddles country and electronica and occasionally punk, such as in this album)




Takako Minekawa  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takako_Minekawa