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Scheduled Digression: Asian Edition 1 - Supermarket 超级市场 with Chiara & 小刘 (Xiao Liu)

December 20, 2020

For anyone who want to practice listening to Mandarin, the raw audio is also available.  This version edits it out for brevity.

Supermarket may be the most prolific, if not the most famous, Chinese band making genre-defying experimental electronic music.  They can sound like synth-pop, post-rock, and dystopian soundscapes, all in a way that could only come from the PRC.

Structure:  Favorite songs & albums (up to 8:40); Evolving sound, comparable bands, & hardships (up to 18:18); The concert in Fangshan, Beijing (18:18); Activities while listening (29:00); Lyrical themes (35:00);  Use of samples —> industrial, post-punk, goth (39:47); Lyrics in foreign languages & bands with clearer roots (47:35); New Pants, Miserable Faith Big Band TV show winners & more commercial bands (54:38); Political control of music in China (59:51) and  Quitting (昨天) film.