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EKR3: Gabby’s World & акульи слёзы (Sharks Tears) w/ DJ Keep Roomie & DJ Karev

January 21, 2021

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GW RIYL:  Epoch Collective (Bellows, Florist, etc.), Frankie Cosmos, Mitski, Beach Bunny, Mus, K Records 

ST RIYL:  Slowdive, 4AD Label, Projekt Label, Beach House?, Lush


Structure:  Where DJs Keep Roomie & Karev heard of Gabby’s World/Eskimeaux (up to 3:50); review of “OK” (3:50-14:45); Gabby’s voice (14:45-17ish); Her future & discography & possibly offensive language on “Year of the Rabbit” (17ish-20:59); the hipster elephant in the room & the collaborative spirit, friendship, name changes (20:59-26ish); Will DJ Karev be a solo artist or form a band? (26:15-28); An explicit hipster accusation on cassettes https://varioussmallflames.co.uk/2015/06/15/eskimeaux-o-k/. (28ish-35:09) & the quantitative social science methodology of measuring “how hipster” any particular artist/band is https://news.avclub.com/here-are-the-mathematically-determined-most-hipster-b-1798266690?utm_campaign  ; Ratings for “OK” (35:09-36:45); Transitional plug for buying our picks on Bandcamp & eMusic cheaply (36:45-37:20); Female-fronted and all-girl bands, DJ Karev’s preferences for all but solo male artists (37:20-43:00); Films of Lukas Moodysson w/ young female protagonists, especially “We Are the Best!” (43:00-45:28); Review of “Experience the Charm” (45:28-49:27); Shoegaze Vs. Dream Pop (49:27-52ish); Live versus studio work, lyrics in a foreign language, & heavy rotation (52ish-53); More on dream pop & synth-pop of greater distinction, the 80s, extreme obscurity (53-56:27); Choosing tracks to highlight (or play on college radio) on an album that blends together, no handicaps or “grading on a curve” (56:27-1:00:30); Beach House’s dream pop superiority according to DJs Karev & Keep Roomie and Trans Am as a more synthetic voice (1:00:30-1:04:40); Ratings of “Experience the Charm” (1:04:40-1:06:40); What does it mean to rate something a 5 or below?  Is anything above a 5 (or 3/5) positive?